​"Bee helped us keep up with our unruly yard when it had gotten a bit out of our hands. His monthly service was great, and he added some nice touches to the yard, including lovely potted arrangements and a beautiful new tree. We loved working with him." Tony - NE Portland

"Bee is an excellent gardener - knowledgeable and reliable. It has been a pleasure to work with him during the seasons. He can do everything: prune fruit trees and grape vines, locate and plant new plants and rejuvenate old ones, pull out weeds, clean the beds and rejuvenate rain gardens. My garden benefits greatly from his hard work." Lida - NE Portland

"Bee has been lovingly caring for our garden-- a natural (rather than formal or manicured) garden with many native plants—for the past several years; our appreciation for the garden has grown enormously in that time.  Bee has a knowledge of horticulture combined with a strong sense of environmental stewardship that tames the wildness while preserving it’s natural beauty—and all without harmful chemicals.  We welcome his visits each week during growing season and value his friendship, work ethic, and expertise."
Carol & Paul - SE Portland