Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'm Bee Lackner owner of Beeleaf.
A native Oregonian who grew up on a rural farm has given me a deeper connection with nature in my life than most. Now in fourth generation the family farm raises organic hazelnuts, beef and seed crops. The PNW is the place to be outdoors!
Gifted with a hard work ethic, extensive plant knowledge and intuitive flow within a landscape, working the soil comes naturally to me. A total plant and bee geek I am grateful to co-create art within client gardens and expound in my apiaries. 
I have over 16+ years experience working in the specialty nursery industry, small farms, greenhouses and landscapes around the Willamette Valley. Recieving my AAS in Horticulture in 2013 on honor roll I continue to learn and educate everyday.
A passionate bee steward with over 9yrs experience and mentor.
Look forward to creating together with my community!

Love swarm catching!

My retirement home.