1. Beekeeping Consult
    One hour visit to your apiary for assistance in your beekeeping endeavors(hive inspection, moving, extracting, installing bees, swarm catching, etc), advice, recommendations for apiary location, as well as help navigating legal or permitting requirements. $50
  2. Garden Consult
    One hour visit to your garden for observations, advice and recommendations on all aspects of soil, design, layout and plant selection. Drawing on my years of experience to help solve your challenges. $50
  3. Landscape Gardener
    Working with intention, I draw from my broad experiences in the specialty horticulture industry, years working as a landscape gardener and my love of nature to bring you a pleasing landscape and help you maintain it. $25hr
  4. Annual Maintenance
    Want regular help in your garden but need stick to a budget? I offer basic year-round care for a flat monthly fee depending on the size of your garden. Contact me for more details.
  5. Honey & Hive Products
    Seasonal and limited availability of cut comb honey, pollen, propolis, wax and other hive products. Custom salves, tinctures and tonics available. Inquire with specific requests please.
  6. Swarm Removal
    I love working with honey bee swarms and am happy to help if you discover one. Call me! Please never spray them!