Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'm Bee Lackner owner of Beeleaf.
A native Oregonian and growing up on a rural farm in the PNW has given me a deeper connection with nature in my life than most. Gifted with a hard work ethic, good design sense and intuitive flow within a landscape, working the soil comes naturally to me. I am grateful to create my art within the garden and play in my apiaries.
I have over 15+ years experience working in the specialty nursery industry, small farms, greenhouses and landscapes around the Willamette Valley. Recieving my AAS in Horticulture in 2013 on honor roll I continue to learn and broaden my horizons everyday.
A passionate beekeeper with over 8yrs experience and a mentor in the Oregon Master Beekeeping Program.

Love swarm catching!

My retirement home.